History of the Shipyard

Shipyard born

The Naval shipyard was founded in 1946 by Fernand Spano, at the beginning, it was an island in the middle of nowhere without path to access.

It was only few years later, in the 50s, that a small road was built leading to the building up the site.

In the 60s, the brothers, Pierre and Florentin Spano, were in working age and joined their father to learn and inherit the ancestral know-how.

Fernand Spano died in 1992 leaving his sons a unique expertise around the French Mediterranean.

From years 1970 to 2010

These years were marked by the modernization of the yard which is equipped with technical means. Extensions have also emerged, such as the transition to 4 earthed to the site, the largest allowed to land boats up to 250 tons for the biggest.

This period has permit to lead large projects coming from all corners of the Mediterranean Sea, such as the repair of the trawler "Le Languedocien" or making one of the last "Mourre de Pouar"

The year 2001 was a blow for the Family, Pierre,the twin brother, has suffered a serious accident and ceased all activity on the site.

Despite the difficulties, the pride of Florentin is to never have closed the construction site, not a single day over the 70 year life of the project. His greatest fear is having to close the site just and only one day!

2014 - Maintenance works of the "Sea ladder"

In 2014, the yard has undertaken restoration work of its "sea ladder". Several weeks of heavy work was needed to get to renovate the system consisting of a cradle mounted on rails plunging into the harbor. The combinations were far from superfluous when he had to dive to perform maintenance under water.

The teamwork of the Shipyard

The complete teamwork in November 2016

The teamwork of the Shipyard

The complete teamwork in October 2017

About the future

Currently, the shipyard is led by Florentin Spano always present very actively in all the work that is done on the site.

The future of the company, which will certainly remain family , will be taken over by his son Vincent Spano already very involved in the life of the site

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