Our achievements

Discover the restorations and repairs done by our team on the shipyard.

Artisans, love for work well done, all of our achievement are designed and made to measure, depending on technical, administrative and regulatory, but also your desires and your tastes. Whatever the type of project, rigor and timeliness will be implemented by our team.

Making a box for sensors

Repair of a boat hull

Repair of a boat hull

Repair of a boat hull

Repair of Riva boats

We conduct thorough renovations Riva to maintain their authenticity.

Landing of a Catamaran

Landing of a Catamaran of a length of 21m and a width of 9m at the shipyard

Landing of a Elvira barge

Grounding of Elvira barge about 30 meters lenght on 22 June 2016 in the shipyard.

Reportage of France 3 on the Splendido in works at the Chantier Naval Spano

The splendido, an old unique rigging in the world is entitled to a second life.

Reportage of France 3 on the Splendido in works at the Chantier Naval Spano

The Tiki III is a typical boat with wheel, used to discover the heart of the Camargue. Present at the worksite to perform a fairing consisting of a series of operations to periodically review the hull of a ship in order to restore its nautical qualities (speed), as well as in the case of a metal hull of Limiting corrosion. It involves the cleaning of the hull under the waterline, usually the stripping of the antifouling remains and the painting.

Reportage of France 3 on the Shipyard

A reportage carried out by France 3 on the Shipyard, broadcast on 24/01/2017 in the program "9h50 le matin". It addresses the specificities of our site and its know-how.

Collector : Restoration of the St Auguste

A complete photo report of the restoration of the St Auguste which took place in the years 2000 and 2001. It was a remarkable and extensive work which took about 7 months.

Articles published in the newspapers during the Mayor's immersion in Shipyard's life

A visit by the mayor of the Grau du Roi, Mr Robert Crauste was organized by the Chamber of Crafts of the Gard. The objective being an immersion in a company representative of the city's present and historic values and its environment. This is the site chosen by our elected representative. Several articles have been published by the local media.

Replacement of the side windows of the cabin of the vedette "Lady Caprice"

The main difficulty was to adapt the mounting brackets to the new windows of the "Lady". Inner skins have been modified. A small carenage and here we go again with a second youth.

Live on TV

Interview of "Tintin" Live on France 3 during "Escale à Sète" and reportage on the Naval shipyard

Landing of "Le signe"

Landing of "Le signe" for fairing of the hull of the boat.

Landing of "L'Etoile"

Landing of "L'Etoile" for fairing of the hull of the boat.

Renovation of a fishing boat - Construction of a bow bulb

Renovation of a fishing boat originally built by the Allemand shipyard located at Grau d'Agde. The photos show the differents stages with the cutting of the hull, then the manufacture of a bow bulb. The wooden frames were custom-made on the inside and then lined with 7-ply Mat and Roving polyester. The front shell has been advanced one meter to make the bulb that has been molded, glued and welded with polyester. Independently, a cabin cap was also made during this project. A total success, the boat has gained a lot in speed and stability.

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