Artisans love for work well done, all of our services will be tailored to your needs based on the technical, administrative and regulatory. Whatever the type of project, rigor and timeliness will be implemented by our team.


Specialists of the restoration of wooden boats, our expertise extends to composite materials, offering a wide range of possibilities.

  • Hull Repairs
    • Curling
    • Frame
    • Deadrise
    • Keel
    • Gain or Chase
    • Sternpost
  • Repairs of superstructures
    • Bridge
    • Roof
    • Bars
  • Rigging
    • Mast
    • Boom
    • Spreader


The team can handle all tasks related to the maintenance of your boat, but also provide you with the necessary equipment to undertake your own work.

  • Fairing
  • Treatment of coatings
  • Sealing
  • Parts replace
    • Anodes
    • Cutlass bearing
    • Portholes
    • Plexis
    • Chainplates
  • Karcher cleaning
    • The site offers rental Karcher to clean your boats at an attractive hourly rate.
  • Protection and preservation of the environment
    • All waste from work are managed by us

Grounding Service

The Shipyard is equipped to ensure a grounding service for your boats:.

  • Lifting Crane
    • For boats whose weight is less than or equal to 12T
  • Wheel trolley with adjustable arms
    • Able to land the vessels over 30 meters and up to 180 tons
    • The system is adaptable to differents boats and catamarans

During an operation of a grounding, docking is included in the package. Trestles and scaffolding can beavailable for free.


The Shipyard provides outdoor guarding sites for boats.

  • Mooring ring rental
    • The shipyard establishment offers about 30 places to moor your boat.
    • The electricity, water and WiFi are available on all sites.
  • Ground parking
    • Fifteen slots are available for the boats wintering.

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